About me

Food is love made visible!”

Growing up, I didn’t really learn to cook. I enjoyed good food but I did not cook. I would stand next to my mom, eating ‘off the pass’. Watching her play symphony with the spices from her spice box – while she cooked complex and fragrant meals for the family.

And then there was my father! He ‘loved’ to cook.  His passions were cooking, writing poetry for my mother and traveling (and talking politics!, but let’s not go there!). He would go out of town every other month for business and return with exotic spices and recipes: Mutton in yogurt sauce, slow cooked on the angeethi; Fried fish with unusual marinades; Chicken cooked in mustard oil and so much more…

The warm aroma of spices eloquently mixed with ghee still lingers around me as the seasons change. Somewhere between my own curiosity and watching my parents cook with so much love, I guess I learnt the flavors and the art of it all.

I feel that the food cooked with love touches the soul. Garnish it with a little music, a little story, a dash of poetry and watch the magic of your creation!

I also try subtle twists to my food to cater to a more adventurous palate! Oregano doesn’t fit in my Indian spice box, but it sure does taste great in my spinach and eggplant. Thyme, never seen in Indian kitchens, enhances the meat fusions in some of my dishes! Take a chance on Pepreka… Soul food or Fusion…what would ‘your’ desire be!?