Palak Paneer & Gobhi Aloo

An all time favorite at any Indian home and abroad…

I know it because so many of you have requested Palak Paneer often!
Every state back home has their own version of these two dishes.
Growing up, Gobhi aloo was a winter dish. Vegetables were either bought fresh every morning, at the market or from the vendor who would come into the streets and alleyways with all the fresh vegetables displayed on his cart.
But now, since vegetables are available all year round we enjoy them anytime. They don’t come on a rolling cart anymore, though!


Cauliflower and potatoes are tossed in golden chopped onions cooked in olive oil with cumin, turmeric and salt. garnished with ‘garam masala’, slivered ginger and cilantro. The fragrant garam masala adds in the multiple other flavors to it.
Soft Paneer chunks are smothered in the creamy spinach sauce tampered with cumin, onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, asfatoeda, and coriander seed powder.
Naan go well with these two dishes.
Spanish or Portuguese Rosé is the best choice for this mildly spicy dinner

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