Pepreka’s Saffron Lamb Biryani

…aroma that haunts you like lost love!

The day I cook Biryani, aroma of toasting and sizzling spices, fragrant sautéed onion & garlic, sound of classical Indian music playing … drives my kids and neighbors crazy! I enjoy keeping them wondering what storm is brewing in my kitchen!!

Saffron, star anise, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and bay leaf are only some of the ‘twenty four magical ingredients’ that go into this dish!

Rice is semi cooked and layered with the deliciously cooked lamb in a vessel, that is sealed closed with dough to keep the flavors in. Simmered in the juices of the meat the rice infused with all the spices.

For the vegetarians, vegetables are sautéed with the spices and all the rest of twenty four ingredients. Coconut milk added gives the vegetable biryani a tender delicate texture.
Topped with roasted cashew, raisins and fragrant rose petals

Chilled yogurt raita with fresh mint, cilantro and dill is a good palate cleanser between every bite. On the side a salad of tomatoes, cucumber & onions chopped into small bits and dressed with lime juice completes it all.

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